Original Cocotine Blend “Premium Espresso” / TOUCH OF LOVE



Houseblend Cocotine “A secret touch of love”

Discover our exclusive coffee composition created by Cocotine. This premium selection of only the choicest Arabica beans from the world’s finest growing regions is an homage to our founder‘s passion and lifestyle to enjoy the finer details in life. Inspired by her timeless mindset and quest for discovery.

This special blend from East African and Latin American origins where the coffee grows among the clouds is an exploration of tastes for the modern coffee connoisseur.

This supreme espresso blend is freshly roasted from our coffee roastery in Italy where we aim for the highest quality and environment-friendly way of sourcing.

Created for a special enjoyment and supreme coffee moment full of desire.

Roasted for espresso with a full body, sweet, low acidity and flavours of dark chocolate and cacao nibs.

Exclusively blended from the finest selected regions in Brazil, Costa Rica, Congo & Ethiopia.

250 gr of freshly grinded whole coffee beans


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