Luxury Edible Rose Petals (REFILL)




Organic dried roses

Rose petals/Roze knoppen – harmonie , intens, roze passie

Bag 90 gr

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  • Rose petals/Roze knoppen – harmonie , intens, roze passie
  • Purple mallows/Violette kaasjeskruid – helend, balans, rustgevend effect

Rose buds

  • Package includes 45 gr Rose Buds & Rose Petals
  • Hand-Filled with 100% natural dried Culinary Grade Rose Buds and Rose Petals.
  • High Quality Dried Rose Buds and Petals. Ideal for making: Tea Blend, Bath elements, Iced Teas, Culinary beverage or food design and herbal body care.
  • The red roses are very fragrant and are carefully hand-selected to ensure that they are in a complete state.

Product description

Rose tea is truly a lady’s tea. Not only it has attractive colors, but also its health benefits to ladies. From Ming Dynasty (1368-1644) on, it has been widely used drank by the ladies for its many benefits.

Dried roses can also be given as gifts to female friends around you to express your love for them. Compared with fake flowers, dried rose flowers are more natural, and its color and fragrance can be preserved for a very very long time.

Very fragrant Rose Buds & Petals, beautiful red color and charming rose scent, highly enjoyable and heavenly healthy beverage …

Enjoy heavenly,



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