Luxurious Pancakes Mix (Award Recipe)




Cocotine’s Luxurious soy pancakes recipe mix!

Meet Cocotine’s award recipe, luxurious culinary edible floral design topped on marvellous luxury soy based pancakes designed by Cocotine, the trendsetter of this unique concept in Belgium!

This is an exclusive boutique food concept & special brunch recipe from Belgium ✨

“We aim for the highest quality and exclusive taste. We love to keep this premium home recipe as a secret! This product is carefully handmade by our dedicated team. All ingredients are organic, pure and naturally based.”

Usage: See on the packaging / “Add soy drink and organic eggs” to become the best flavor!

Enjoy your lovely brunches at home in luxury ✨

Design preferences: See on the packaging

250 gr to create 12 golden big sized pancakes or min. 20 mini Parisienne pancakes

”Ethical luxury brand”

Proudly handcrafted by Cocotine Belgium


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