Granola treat selection pack




Granola treat selection pack

“Morning treats from the very own and well-known Cocotine’s beauty bowls!”

Enjoy the most beautiful brunches when you are working home-office, online or on any occasion together with your loved ones. We love to treat you, let us bake you your favorite brunch recipe and make you feel good and special. Design your beauty bowl at home or follow Cocotine’s recipe!

Rise & Shine, Elegance, Honeymoon
3x – 250gr

  • Rise & Shine : strawberry, sweet cherry, raspberry, coconut slices and powder, oats –fresh BESTSELLER
  • Elegance : blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, almond, poppy seeds, oats – less sweet BESTSELLER
  • Honeymoon : caramel, rock salt, almond, honey, oats – sweet

TIP : Design it by your own or follow Cocotine’s recipe!

  • Ingredients : 125 gr Greek yoghurt, 40gr granola, ½ banana, 3 sliced strawberries, a raspberry, 2 slices pitahaya dragon fruit, a slice starfruit, 6 blueberries, a slice passion fruit, pomegranate, currant, coconut leaves and powder, dried roses & finish beautifully with an edible flower. (This may change seasonally)


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