Brunch Treat DELUXE 2p.




“Add an extra shiny spark and luxury to your exclusive brunch treat to share for every occasion or special day of the year!”

  • 4 luxurious soy pancakes
  • Topping : Greek yoghurt – exotic fruit mix – coconut – dried roses – edible flowers (separately packed)
  • 2 Granola beauty bowls:
    • Rise & Shine : Greek yoghurt, (strawberry, sweet cherry, raspberry & coconut, oats), exotic fresh fruits
    • Elegance : Greek yoghurt, (blueberry, raspberry, strawberry, almond, poppy seeds, oats), exotic fresh fruits
  • Fancy mocktail bottle : pomegranate, elderflower, for 2p. (ECO-friendly & homemade)
  • 2 Home baked croissants
  • Sexy Tea infusion (hibiscus, citrus, pineapple) – 2 cotton bags
  • A mini bottle of luxe Cava Mistinguett – 25 cl. 
  • Red fruits almond crumble pie (homemade vegan) – 2 pieces
  • A bag artisan ruby pink chocolate buttons filled with gingerbread (homemade Cocotine sweets)
  • Fresh flower bouquet Cocotine pastel style
  • Organic edible dried roses giftpack 3 color mix 50 gr


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