This is the day you’ll feel yourself waking up & having a sweet floral brunch in Paris… Savor the culinary experience & live the great feeling! Sparkle that morning a little more with your loved one! 😌

  • Luxe Cava Bubbles 

    • 4 slices “Luxurious soy pancakes” (famous award recipe)
    • Pancakes Topping (2x):
    • – Cream sour yoghurt
    • – Luxurious exotic fruit mix (2x) (Strawberry, blueberry, pomegranate, lychee, pink pitahaya, red grapes, black myrtilles, black currants, pink berries, yellow star, ..)
    • – Organic maple syrup
    • – Coconut leaves & Raw coconut powder
    • – Dried roses & edible flowers
    • Homemade Red berry & Blueberry jam
    • 2 designed Granola beauty bowls:
      • Rise & Shine : Greek sour yoghurt, (granola mix of dried strawberry, sweet cherry, raspberry & coconut, oats), + variety of topped luxurious fresh fruits
      • Honeymoon: Greek sour yoghurt, (granola mix of Caramel, white chocolate, peanut crunches & crunchy oats), + variety of topped luxurious fresh fruits
    • Floral Mocktail bottle : Rosemary & blueberries 500 ml (Homemade recipe in a ECO-friendly reusable glass djar to keep as a Valentine memory) ~ Vegan & alcohol-free
    • Lovely tea infusions (hibiscus, red fruits, rose petals) – 2 organic cotton bags
    • Dried flower mix & edible flowers as topping to add a Cocotine touch & beautify your luxurious brunch!
    • Oven baked croissants
    • Oven baked chocolate croissants
    • Cocotine’s Hearty Mini Pie : Mini Ruby Rose coloured heart shaped pie (based with Callebaut ruby chocolate, white chocolate, cheese & speculoos – homemade – contains no eggs)
    • Cocotine’s homemade Vanilla Rhubarb cake
    • Ruby Pink mini Cookies (Gingerbread cookies dropped w ruby chocolate)
    • GIFT CARD included for your next order (-20%)
  • 42€ P.p.


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